The World’s Best Vans in Every Category You Could Possibly Imagine If you’re a fan of vans, you’ll want to read on. If you’ve never owned a van, this article will make you want to rent one. The best part about renting a van is that it allows you to explore the world in your own time and at your own pace. You don’t have to worry about making reservations or finding parking spots for your rental car because there’s plenty of space in the back of a van for luggage and other belongings. You can drive as slowly as you want and still make it to your destination in one piece. 

Best Van of 2018 Awards

The Van Awards are an annual event that recognizes the world’s best vans. The awards are given to the van that has been judged as the best across several categories, such as innovation, design, and performance. The Van Awards 2018 will be taking place on November 16th in London. The event is going to be hosted by comedian and presenter Chris Ramsey, who is also a keen van enthusiast. We can see that there are many different types of vans that have been nominated this year. They include the Volkswagen T-Roc Spartan, Mercedes-Benz Vito E-Class Spartan, and Renault Kanoo Maxi ZE.

Van Rental Types to Consider

Van hire is a great way to travel around Australia. Whether you’re looking for a campervan hire or a car rental, there are many types of vans that you can choose from.

Van Hire Types to Consider:

-Campervan Hire: A campervan is comfortable, easy to drive, and has everything you need for your trip.

-Car Hire: A car rental can be perfect if you want to explore the cities at your own pace.

-Motorhome Hire: Motorhomes are perfect for families and groups of friends who want all the comforts of home on the road.

Which are the 10 Top Van Brands in the World?

The top ten van brands in the World’s Best Vans are ranked according to their total sales. These van brands have been around for many years and are known for their durability and reliability.

1) Volkswagen

2) Ford

3) Mercedes-Benz

4) Toyota

5) Renault

6) Mitsubishi

7) Honda

8) Citroen/Peugeot

9) Mazda

10) BMW


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